Transitioning from WTI’s Virtual Classroom to the Pharmacy Floor


As the healthcare sector continues to expand, the demand for skilled pharmacy technicians is on the rise. With Washington Technical Institute's (WTI) comprehensive online pharmacy technician certificate program, students are finding that transitioning from a virtual classroom environment to the bustling aisles of a pharmacy is a journey full of growth, opportunity, and rewarding challenges.

What Can You Do with a Pharmacy Technician Certification?

Earning a pharmacy technician certificate opens a wide range of opportunities in various settings, from retail pharmacies and hospitals to long-term care facilities and pharmaceutical companies. Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs) are essential to the daily operations of these environments, assisting pharmacists with dispensing prescription medication and managing the operational aspects of pharmacy care.

Key Roles of a Certified Pharmacy Technician:

  • Assisting with prescription preparation & dispensing

    Pharmacy technicians meticulously prepare and dispense medications, ensuring accuracy and patient safety.

  • Managing inventory & processing insurance claims

    Pharmacy Technicians oversee medication stock levels and handle complex insurance claim procedures for customers.

  • Providing customer service & patient care

    Pharmacy Technicians are pivotal in delivering compassionate service and care, addressing patient needs and queries.

  • Maintaining medication and patient records

    Pharmacy Technicians ensure all records are meticulously updated and confidentially managed, supporting healthcare efficiency.

How Long Does Pharmacy Technician Certification Take?

Earning your pharmacy technician certificate is a flexible process, particularly with WTI’s tailored program structure. The certificate program is designed to be completed within five months, but due to its self-paced nature, students have the opportunity to finish more quickly if they choose.

The duration it takes to earn certification following the program's completion will vary based on the certification process and the individual’s preparedness for the certification exam. This adaptable approach allows students to navigate their educational journey on a timeline that fits their personal and professional lives.


Can You Become A Pharmacy Technician With An Online Certificate Program?

Absolutely. Washington Technical Institute’s online certificate program prepares students for the dynamic role of a pharmacy technician. The coursework thoroughly addresses key areas such as pharmacy law, pharmacology, medication management, and essential pharmacy calculations, ensuring a robust foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the profession.

By the end of the program, students are ready to establish a PTCB account and take the CPhT certification exam. This nationally recognized qualification is often a prerequisite for employment in the field, and WTI's streamlined, self-paced program is crafted to align with industry standards, facilitating a smooth transition from online learning to hands-on pharmacy work.

Do You Need Certification to Be a Pharmacy Technician?

Businessman holding tablet and  showing the best quality assurance with golden five stars for guarantee product and ISO service concept.

While not all states require certification to practice as a pharmacy technician, obtaining a CPhT certification significantly enhances job prospects, credibility, and earning potential. Most reputable pharmacies look for CPht certification as it indicates a standard of knowledge and dedication to the profession.

What's The Difference Between A Certificate Program & Certification?

Navigating the path to becoming a pharmacy technician can sometimes be confusing, especially when distinguishing between certification and a certificate program. Many people conflate the two, not realizing that they represent different milestones in professional development. Certification is the credential you earn upon passing an industry-recognized exam, signifying mastery and understanding within the field. In contrast, a certificate program is the course of study that prepares you for that very exam, providing the necessary education and practical skills.

Certification vs. Certificate Program

Certification refers to the recognition obtained by passing a standardized national exam, like the PTCB exam, which awards the CPhT certification. It is often the final step after completing a certificate program.

Certificate Program, like the one offered by WTI, provides the foundational education and training needed to understand and perform the duties of a pharmacy technician, which concludes with the preparation for the certification exam.

Validates expertise Provides Training
Requires an Exam Ends with exam preparation
Nationally Recognized Sets educational foundation
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What’s The Difference Between A Certificate & Certification?

In this blog post, we look at the differences between a 'certificate program' and 'certification' and learn how WTI's online programs can quickly boost your career prospects.


From The Classroom To The Pharmacy

Transforming the educational experience provided by WTI into practical application on the pharmacy floor involves dedication and the support of a comprehensive educational institution. WTI’s online pharmacy technician certification program not only meets the educational requirements set forth by leading pharmacy associations but also provides the flexibility and in-depth knowledge necessary to excel in the field.

By blending theoretical knowledge with practical simulations, WTI’s program ensures that the transition from an online setting to the on-site realities of a pharmacy is smooth and well-informed. This approach prepares students to step into their roles with confidence and the capability to make a meaningful impact in their new careers.


Washington Technical Institute

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the role of pharmacy technicians is becoming increasingly essential. Washington Technical Institute (WTI) stands at the forefront, offering an online pharmacy technician program that bridges theoretical learning with practical application. By enrolling with WTI, you're not just signing up for a course; you're stepping towards a future filled with opportunity and growth in the pharmacy field.

Our programs are tailored for flexibility to fit your life's pace, with daily start dates that cater to your schedule. This self-paced learning model is designed for rapid completion, allowing for the potential to graduate early if you're able to dedicate additional time to your studies. At WTI, we prioritize making education affordable and accessible, aiming to empower you to finish your certification with little to no debt.

When you’re ready to take the next step, WTI makes it easy to register for your program online. If you require financial assistance, we’ve partnered with trusted lenders such as Meritize Finance and Climb Credit. For any inquiries or guidance, our admissions specialists are just a call or text away at 800-371-5581 or 952-465-3702, eager to help you begin your journey to becoming a pharmacy technician.

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Advance your education with an accredited certificate program from Washington Technical Institute (WTI). WTI is Regionally accredited by the Middle States Association CESS, and licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education as an institution of higher learning.


Washington Technical Institute is Regionally accredited by the Middle States Association CESS, and licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education as an institution of higher learning.