What Is The Difference Between Frontend & Backend Web Development?

A career in web development can offer you job security and a healthy wage. If you’re interested in joining the IT field by learning the skill of web development, you might be wondering, “What’s the difference between front end and back end web development?”

Front End Web Development

When you’re involved in front end web development, you’re using a style of computer programming that the user actually sees.  Your focus will be both the visual elements of the website and making sure that those visual elements are actually functional. 

Another way to look at it is that you’re making sure that when visitors come to the website or use the app, the style of the website – like the layout, buttons, images, graphics, animations, elements of navigation and organization – are user friendly and functioning well. Front end developers should also make sure that the site is accessible to their audience. 

Front end developers use languages like HTML to create the structural backbone of the website, ensuring that the page looks the way it’s supposed to look; they use CSS to customize and define the style of the visuals, making sure the page is adaptable to different types and devices and that the pages are printable; and they use JavaScript to control how the elements of the page interact and move around or allow for things like checkboxes and search fields. In order to speed up the development process, sometimes web developers use frameworks, so if that’s the case, it’s good to be familiar with React, Vue, and Angular.

Overall, web developers are encouraged to learn front end development first to make sure they have a strong background in automation, content management, and frameworks before they move on to back end development.

Back End Web Development

The part of web development that users can’t see is called back end development. This includes databases that run from a server, or anything that helps the programs of the website or app function. Back end developers also make sure that they work on the site, making changes as needed to improve its functionality. This can include the databases previously mentioned or the site or app’s security compliance.

Although there are many different back end programming languages, the primary ones used are Java, used to create apps for computers and often applied in roles for large businesses and Android development; PHP, which is used when working with the website’s server; and Python, which is a well-rounded programming language that can be applied to just about everything related to a website or web application.

Working Together

Front and back end developers work together to create a fully-functioning, interactive experience for users. Both are enormously important, and both require the programmer to pay close attention to detail, to have a love of learning and natural curiosity, and to be a determined problem solver.

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