How To Create A Career Development Plan

If you’ve been planning on changing or advancing your career, but through all the wishes and hopes, you haven’t made the move yet, then a career development plan might be the first step you’ve been waiting for. A career development plan will take a short amount of time to work out in advance, but it will save you loads of time in the long-term.

Determine Your Field Or Position Of Interest

You’ve probably got an idea of what type of position you want to move into, but if you don’t, start there. Do a bit of research to figure out what career or position you want to move into To help narrow down your interests and options, take a look at How To Choose The Right Career For You

Set Achievable Goals

What’s it going to take to start that new career? Once you determine that, set some goals that you’ll be able to achieve given your responsibilities and available time. Do you need to find a program that you can accomplish on your own time with a flexible schedule with self-paced learning? If so, finding that program will be one of your goals. Do you want to be ready to move into a new role in the next year? Finding a shorter program that will allow that timeline will be another goal.

Sitting down to brainstorm achievable goals and writing down the smallest steps related to those goals is an important step toward making your wishes and dream a reality. A dream is just a goal that doesn’t have a plan, so writing down every tiny step that you need to take is moving you closer to turning your dream into a goal.

Set Realistic Deadlines For Each Step

Now, take a look at your calendar and those goals and start putting them in order. Be generous with yourself because unrealistic deadlines can be a motivation killer. You’ll feel a lot better about the process and be more likely to keep plugging along at each goal if you find yourself ahead of your deadlines rather than behind them. Give yourself some grace and wiggle room when setting deadlines for each goal, remembering that life likes to throw curveballs at you and you’ll want a little padding in those deadline dates in order to stay on track.

Check In On Your Progress

Depending on the long-term time period of your goals, you will want to check in on your progress every week or every few weeks. If your final deadline is a year from now, then go ahead and check in on your progress every three weeks or so. Add these check-ins to your calendar; they’ll only take a few minutes. Review your progress and figure out if you’re ahead or behind of your schedule. Make adjustments as needed to make sure your goals and the deadlines are still realistic. 

Review Your Goals

Every so often, you’ll also want to review your goals. Are you still interested in the path you put yourself on? Are the goals that you’ve set still realistic? Did you break them down as much as you needed to? 

If anything needs to be changed or if you’ve accidentally misjudged the amount of time you needed to complete any of your goals, then go ahead and adjust your expectations. There’s nothing wrong with adjusting based on the realities of your life. 

In the end, taking a little bit of time to make a plan will give you the nudge you need to view your dreams as something that you can actually accomplish. This plan might require a bit of effort, but in the end, you’ll be headed down a new career path before you know it!

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