How A Career Certificate Can Improve Your Earning Potential

The job market is constantly changing, and if you’ve been in your role or looking for a new position for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed those changes. If you’re looking for a new job or a promotion in your current job, adding skills to your resumé is a great way to increase the value of your skills and qualifications. 

Online learning is – by far – the most popular way to add new credentials to your resumé. With flexible study and a quick pathway to new skills, earning a certificate from a fully online school like Washington Technical Institute is a simple way to move forward toward new career opportunities. You could be moving toward goals you only dreamed of in a matter of months!

Stand Out from the Competition

If you add the completion of a credible certificate program to your resumé, it shows that you are invested in learning and that you take personal growth seriously. Additionally, you show that you are flexible, understanding that as times change, you need to do what it takes to change with the times.

Demonstrates Your Skills

Experience in a career is an important part of getting and keeping the attention of a hiring committee. Whether you have worked as an intern or have part- or full-time experience, adding a certificate that backs up your experience will help you prove your expertise. Many people who have job experience and even degrees; however, by adding a certificate to your experiences, you are showing that you can do the work in both a practical and academic sense and are willing to continue to do so throughout your career. 

Helps You During Your Interview

In addition to looking great in writing, when you complete a certificate program, you are giving the hiring committee a talking point during your interview process. You can still certainly talk about any training that you got years ago and your personal experiences in the field, but you can talk about the most recent developments in your field and the courses you took to earn your certificate as well.

Having up-to-date content to guide the interview conversation is a wonderful way to calm your nerves and feel confident about the questions you’re asked.

Personal Satisfaction

Remote work and the changing workforce has added a new layer to the competition and challenges in many different career fields. Securing yourself by earning a certificate improves and updates your knowledge and skills. Taking advantage of opportunities to increase your value as an employee will also expand your mind to keep you personally satisfied. 

Sometimes, all you need to revitalize your love of a career path is to revisit the ideas you already know and get a glimpse into the future of the field you’re working in. Knowing that you are making that effort can provide you with pride and self-confidence in your value as a worker.

Washington Technical Institute

Washington Technical Institute’s fully online certificates can be completed in a matter of months, with daily or bi-weekly start dates. Such flexible start dates make these programs unique and much more accessible for our students. An additional benefit of WTI’s programs is that we offer affordable pricing and monthly payments to help our students leave school without debt. 

Although our goal is to help our students graduate their programs with little to no debt, we also recognize that some students might need to utilize a loan for their educational investment. We are excited to announce our partnerships with Climb Credit or Ascent, student lending companies focused on financing career-building programs. 

If you’re ready to enroll and start your training to enter a high-paying career without adding a four year or two year college degree, you can register for your program online through our website. Still have questions about our programs? Feel free to call us at 800-371-5581 or text us at 952-465-3702. Our admissions specialists will be happy answer whatever questions you have.

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