What Can You Do With A Certificate Program

Trying to be competitive in the job market leads to a lot of questions.  How do I make my resumé stand out? What experiences do I highlight? What do I leave out?  Do I have enough years of experience? How do I get the hiring team to notice me?

These questions and more are important to address before you begin your search for a new career or start working toward advancement in your current position.

One answer to many of those question is to enroll in a certificate program.  With fewer classes to complete and a more flexible schedule, an online career certificate program could help you stand out in a crowd of applicants in many different fields.  Washington Technical Institute offers certificate work that is fully online and flexible for adults with busy schedules who need to be able to study on their terms and in their own time.

If you’ve ever wanted to go to school or go back to school, an online certificate program like those offered by Washington Tech could provide you with the best balance between attending school and juggling your current responsibilities.  Certificate programs are a commitment, but they are a commitment that you can handle without losing track of your daily responsibilities and your ability to live your life.

Certificate programs are ideal for people who fall into these main categories:

  • • You have job experience but want to emphasize your skillset.
  • • You want to earn a certificate for a specialized job without having to attend a 2- or 4-year college or university.
  • • You would like to specialize in an area that you already hold a related degree in or open the door to a field related to your previous educational background.

A Certificate Program Can Emphasize Your Existing Skillset

Washington Tech offers many different programs that will bolster your previous job experience.  Most hiring teams know that real-world experience is a valuable asset in a team member, and a certificate program can provide you with the documentation that you need to move up the ladder for your current position or experience.  Whether you want to add to your on-the-job experience as a manager or want to open your own place of business, WTI offers programs to help you make that upward move.  Our programs in Business Management and Leadership and Business Administration will help emphasize what you already have learned through experience and expose you to new ideas related to marketing, accounting, business law, and management.  Learning about Marketing or Digital Marketing can prove to others that you are serious about your role within any company and are a valuable member of the  team.

Individuals working as a paralegal in a law office can see doors open as well through any one of our three paralegal programs.  Whether you are interested in our Master, Senior, or National Paralegal certificate, adding completion of one of these career certificate programs to your experience can increase your value to the office, give you specialized knowledge in numerous legal areas, and help increase the number of opportunities available to you.

Earning A Certificate Can Qualify You For Specialized Jobs

There are many career certificates that qualify you for a new, life-changing career.  If you’re interested in the medical field but can’t see yourself attending school for two to four years, then perhaps you would be interested in Washington Tech’s Pharmacy Technician  program.  Along with an externship where you will work under the direct supervision of a pharmacist in a facility of your choice, the Pharmacy Technician program qualifies you to start work as soon as you graduate.  This course along with the on-the-job experience teach you everything you need in order to secure a position in a new career within a few months’ time.

If you’ve ever been interested in Medical Billing & Coding, Washington Tech can help you achieve that goal as well.  This program offers in-depth training that covers the ins and outs of Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Health Insurance & Reimbursement, and Medical Billing & Coding.  It prepares you to fill an important position as the need for people trained for these roles continues to grow. Individuals with experience in this field work for doctor’s offices, hospitals, or health insurance companies with the added benefit of often being able to work from home. 

Certificate Programs Can Help You Specialize In Areas Where You Hold A Related Degree

You’ve finished college and feel unsatisfied with your role, or you simply haven’t found the right fit for you in the field you studied.  Maybe you feel burned out by the day-to-day of your current career.  A certificate program added to your current degree can help you specialize in a certain area or help you stand out in a sea of applicants.  Washington Tech offers many different specialist certificates that can help you make the move you’ve been waiting for.

Our Immigration Law Specialist program is ideal for someone with a legal background or who is already working in an immigration or legal office and wants to focus on a particular specialty area.  Offering training in both Immigration Law and Law Office Management, it provides the organizational training you might need to move forward in your career.

Adding a Computer Networking or Microsoft Office Specialist certificate to your experience and degree can provide you with the knowledge and skills to take on new avenues with your career.  These also add important key words to your resumé within any online job-search organization or recruiting site you’re connected to.

Adding some courses in Project Management can also open doors for you, even qualifying you to take the PMP exam if you combine them with courses you’ve already taken and the work hours you are currently accruing.  The work force needs Project Managers in almost every field.  Combined with your current degree, a certificate in Project Management could escalate you to higher standing in your current company or move you to a new role that re-invigorates your love for the field you are in.

A certificate program has a lot to offer.  Whether you are looking for something new or wanting to add to experience you already have, it’s a great way for a busy adult to light a spark of motivation and move forward toward opportunity and a better future.

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