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3 Reasons To Enroll In Our Business Management & Leadership Program

You want to show your current employer that you’re serious about advancement, but you don’t know where to begin.  Your current company makes promises for advancement, but they’ve given you no opportunities.  Maybe you’re interested in opening your own business but need some guidance about where to start.  If any of these describe you—a dead-end job, a stagnant career, or confused about how to take that leap of faith, a certificate in Business Management and Leadership from Washington Technical Institute might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Our courses are completely online and self-paced, so earning a certificate is a convenient way to pursue further education in an area that is practical for you.  Although you have eight months to complete this five course certificate, you can finish it in as little time as it take.  Since you can work on your classes on your own schedule, on your own terms, and at your own pace, it’s up to you how quickly you earn your certificate.  Our motivated students finish in a matter a months and start their journey toward new opportunities.  With no scheduled class meetings and required attendance, earning a certificate in Business Management and Leadership with Washington Tech allows you to keep your current position and learn the skills you need to move forward with your career goals.

You’re Serious About Advancement.

You have the experience, know the company, and understand the business model you’re working in.  What’s keeping you from advancing in your current career?  Sometimes, outside training is the boost your resumé needs to prove that you’re serious about a promotion.  

The training at Washington Tech can prove to your current employer that you have the right qualities to move into a leadership role.  Our courses will help you identify the levels of management in businesses and organizations and understand what type of leader you are through instruction about the four basic management functions: planning, organizing, leading and motivating, and controlling.  Beyond that, we help train you in the major components of human resources management as well as what employment practices are protected by the Civil Rights Act.  

Being able to show your leadership team that you can put this important information into practice is a step toward joining their ranks as the decision makers within your current company.

You’re in a Dead-end Job.

Most people have been where you are.  You work as hard as you can, put in the extra hours, and have great rapport with your staff; however, your ideas are dismissed and the promises for advancement have led you to exactly the same place you were when you were hired.  That is, by definition, a dead-end job.  

If it’s time for you to move on, but you are unsure if your experience alone is enough to get you the position you desire, adding a certificate to your current resumé shows that you are earnest in your interest in a leadership position at a new company.  A certificate in Business Management and Leadership will provide you with the additional training necessary to stand out from other applicants and give you the confidence to prove to a hiring committee that you are the right person for the role.

With training to help you identify potential risks and rewards as well as an understanding of the factors that affect global currencies, you will impress a hiring team with your knowledge.  We teach you the theoretical and applied tools necessary to critique and create economic research and how to distinguish between job costing and process costing along with how to identify typical cost behavior patterns.  Along with the experiences you already have, these valuable skills will be an asset to any company when you become a part of their team.  

You Want to Open Your Own Business.

You’ve daydreamed and have made the plans.  You can see yourself running your own business and can feel the potential for success at your fingertips.  But you don’t know where to start.

Giving yourself the background knowledge and the education that you need to start your own business is the first step in making that dream come true.  A goal is a dream with a plan.  You can start to make your dream a goal by earning your certificate in Business Management and Leadership.  

You will learn how to identify potential risks and rewards and help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of business ownership.  Our courses will help you understand why it is important for a business to use social media to promote their business.  You will be asked to compare and contrast needs and wants and will be taught how to distinguish between goods and services.  With training in allocating overhead costs to products, you will be able to make sure you have sure footing as you start your own business.  

These skills will prove to be essential, and because you are allowed to work on your courses at your own pace, this dream can turn into a goal as soon as you take the first step and enroll.

Our courses have open enrollment, so you can start within one to two business days of enrolling.  If this sounds like the right program for your busy schedule, enroll now and start working toward completion of this valuable, achievable goal.

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