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Remote work is something many of us dream of, and according to research referenced in Forbes, “25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022.” In other words, aiming for a remote position isn’t nearly as far of a reach as it might have been before the pandemic. Once you set your sites on a remote position, it’s time to ask yourself what you’re qualified to do and how to add additional qualifications to your resumé to snag one of these golden opportunities.

Due to the Great Resignation, with people resigning to avoid unsatisfactory or unfulfilling careers, positions in industries across the board are opening up, and companies are starting to recognize what qualities workers are looking for when they make a career move. Working remotely when it’s possible is one of those important options.

If you’re looking for remote work, but you need to find an uncomplicated, quick way to move into a new career, Washington Technical Institute has plenty of fully online, self-paced certificate programs that can help you become a competitive part of the work-from-home job market.

Paralegal Certificates

Not all paralegal positions offer remote work options, but in the past few years with the rise of online legal help and the popularity of remote work, plenty of legal departments and law offices have begun to employ their paralegals for either hybrid or remote work. To be a competitive job seeker for remote paralegal positions, consider adding some helpful training through our Paralegal Certificate Programs

We’ve got different levels available for interested students (8 months, 12 months, & 16 months) dependent on how many classes you are prepared to complete, but all of our paralegal courses can be completed online, and all are self-paced, meaning that you can finish before your deadline and get started in your new career! 

Medical Billing & Coding

The healthcare field is always booming, so finding a way to secure a position with a hospital or medical system is a great way to ensure you’ve got a solid career pathway for years to come. One position that has offered remote opportunities even before the pandemic is working as a Medical Billing & Coding expert. WTI’s certificate program is fully online and self-paced with a 12 month deadline. But, like the paralegal program, if you finish your coursework early, you can graduate early, too!

Information Technology

Our fully online IT certificates offer many different options for specializing in this constantly growing, broad field. From web development to programming languages, WTI offers a variety of IT certificates that could lead you to the remote position you’ve been dreaming of. Not only is IT a flourishing career pathway, but it’s one of the fastest growing and most secure career moves someone can make. If you’re looking for a career move that will help you increase your earning potential and provide you with security and opportunities for growth and upward mobility in the future, IT is the way to go. 

With programs that offer daily or bi-weekly start dates, fully online courses, and self-paced curriculum, the sooner you enroll, the sooner you’ll be on your way to finding the remote career you’ve been looking for. 

Washington Technical Institute

Washington Technical Institute’s fully online certificates can be completed in a matter of months, with daily or bi-weekly start dates. Such flexible start dates make these programs unique and much more accessible for our students. Most of our certificates can be earned as a self-paced program, meaning that you can work at your own pace to complete your work, even finishing early if you have the time and motivation to do so. An additional benefit of WTI’s programs is that we offer affordable pricing and monthly payments to help our students leave school without debt. 

Although our goal is to help our students graduate their programs with little to no debt, we also recognize that some students might need to utilize a loan for their educational investment. We are excited to announce our partnerships with Climb Credit or Ascent, student lending companies focused on financing career-building programs. 

If you’re ready to enroll and start working on a plan for the personal and professional benefit of professional development, you can register for your program online through our website. Still have questions about our programs? Feel free to call us at 800-371-5581 or text us at 952-465-3702. Our admissions specialists will be happy answer whatever questions you have.

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