Full Stack Development: Learning How To Do It All

If you’re interested in a career related to computer science and want a position in an aggressively fast-growing field, then entering the world of full-stack development is a good place to start. A full-stack developer is a web developer or software engineer who works with both the visual elements of a website or app that clients see and interact with as well as the server side of the website or app that clients don’t see. 

This means that full-stack developers work on projects that turn elements of web designs into usable code, make necessary changes to and test web products and software, and work with clients during the planning phase of projects. Because they have to collaborate with clients, designers, and developers, having good team orientation and communication skills is essential in this role. 

Full-stack developers also have to be able to use different coding languages, but they definitely need to know how to write for projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one or more back-end languages. Depending on the role they are hired for, they’ll most likely need to specialize in a specific language, like Ruby, HP, or Python. Though not a requirement, experience with more than one back-end language is a great bonus for anyone looking for a career in this industry. The more you know, the more flexible you can be when searching for the right role for you.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2020 and 2030, the field of web design is going to grow at a 13% rate that’s faster than average, and the area of software development will frow at a much faster than average rate of 22%. If you’re looking for a new career or a career change that offers stability moving forward into the future, this area can certainly provide that.

Median Pay 

The median pay for web designers and software developers lands anywhere between $77,200 to $110,000. Although that range is for developers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals with associates degrees or for those who have earned certificates from programs like our Full-Stack Development Certificate. Because the field is growing at a faster rate than students can graduate, these coding camps and certificate programs are a great way to enter the field quickly rather than working through a two- or four-year program.

Level of Education

According to Indeed, over 70% of full-stack developer positions require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, in a field with much higher-than-average growth, the industry has had to figure out how to get trained individuals into these empty roles. As a result, certificate programs have been designed to give individuals a less traditional route into these fields. In the end, the level of education required will be dependent on each individual job opening. 

Just like in any other career, sometimes, the higher your degree, the more you’ll earn; however, in some roles, experience can play a larger role than a formal education. With the start of courses like those offered through WTI, the field of full-stack development has become much more open to individuals trained through non-traditional schools since organizations of all types and sizes need well-trained developers to compete in this connected, global world. In other words, opportunities abound!


Washington Technical Institute’s Full-stack Development Certificate can be completed in 12 months, with programs starting every two weeks.  Such flexible start dates makes this program unique and much more accessible for our students. An additional benefit of WTI’s programs is that we offer affordable pricing and monthly payments to help our students leave school without debt. 

Although our goal is to help our students graduate their programs with little to no debt, we also recognize that some students might need to utilize a loan for their educational investment. We are excited to announce our partnership with Climb Credit, a student lending company focused on financing career-building programs. 

If you’re ready to enroll and start your training to become a full-stack developer, you can register for your program online through our website. Still have questions about our programs? Feel free to call us at 800-371-5581 or text us at 952-465-3702. Our admissions specialists will be happy answer whatever questions you have.

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