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Washington Technical Institute recently added several new IT programs to our impressive list of available certificate programs. You can find out more about these programs by visiting the blog posts below:

Web Development: Shaping the Way We See the Web Today

Web developers build and manage websites for employers and clients using programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript. If you’re interested in this field, find out more about the Web Development Certificate through WTI.

Full Stack Development: Learning How to Do it All

Full stack developers work on projects that turn elements of web designs into usable code, make necessary changes to and test web products and software, and work with clients during the planning phase of projects. Check out the link to find more information about WTI’s Full Stack Development Certificate.

How Do They Do That? Software Development is the Key

Software developers design software programs in various programming languages; code, test, and update software; and ensure clients’ cybersecurity and data storage capability needs are met. Software developers sometimes write, change, or debug a client’s software. If you’re ready to start a new career in the fast-growing field of IT, check out WTI’s Software Development Certificate today!

Keeping Data Protected: The Role Of Cybersecurity

The field of cybersecurity includes many different branches, including network, application, information, and operational security. Cybersecurity professionals defend data, servers, electronic systems, mobile devices, and networks from malicious attacks, damage, or unauthorized access. Check out our Cybersecurity Certificate page to learn more about the program.

Programming Languages: Shaping The World Around Us

Computer programmers write and test code for new programs, update existing programs, identify and correct coding errors, rewrite programs for different operating systems, and secure programs against cybersecurity threats. Learning different programming languages is also a great way to improve your resume and enhance your skillset for a variety of different IT related jobs. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our Programming Languages Certificate page.

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